What is this blog?

I’m starting this┬áblog in order to collect my reflections on the challenges and realities of agile research and technology development. My intention is — besides to condensate and store some ideas for myself —┬áto help top managers in the technology sector to make better decisions when it comes to organizing and leading innovation.


What to expect?

You can expect me to post some content about once a week. Sometimes I will write more elaborate posts, but sometimes I just post a quote that I find useful or interesting for leaders in technology. Knowing myself, probably many of the content will be related to something we nowadays call “agile”.

Where possible, I’ll point you to references where you can dive deeper into a given topic. Maybe it wouldn’t be necessary — let’s call it a side-effect of having some history in scientific research.

I invite you to comment. I’ll try to be present in the discussions, but alas, I can’t promise to always be able to answer in a timely manner (if at all).


Who is this blog for, again?

I dedicate this blog primarily to the top managers of any technology development sector. No matter if your organization is developing mobile apps, cars, mathematical models, new materials, embedded software, spaceships, algorithms, games, sensors or quantum computers. No matter if you are leading an agile organization, in the middle of a broken transformation project or just pondering how could you improve things around you. I hope that what you read here will help you to make much more informed decisions on leading change in your organization. Because without your deep, conscious and continuous support, no transformation will ever succeed.

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