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Matrix: Red pill or blue pill
Why matrix organizations will never get agile (updated)

The matrix organization is a remnant of the dark past, plaguing innovation and complex product development to present day. Getting rid of it now is imperative, because in the new economy it’s going to drag your business down into a sinister death. For its 1st anniversary, we have updated our most acclaimed article.

Sailing ship at sea
Personal Agility for executives: The missing enabler for organizational agility

Personal Agility is a simple framework to keep your private and professional life on track, while at the same time, it will help you in preparing to make your company agile.

Medieval flagellants
Wasting your time in the Scrum theatre. Part IV: Sprint Retrospecive and conclusion

The Retrospective is an easy way to kill your Scrum if servant leadership is not well understood and enacted within and outside your Scrum Teams.

Audience being bored in a cinema
Wasting your time in the Scrum theatre. Part III: Sprint Review

Who exactly is reviewing what during a Sprint Review in Scrum?

Soldier reporting situation on battlefield
Wasting your time in the Scrum theatre. Part II: Daily Scrum

Make sure your Daily Scrums achieve what they should achieve, otherwise they’ll become yet another boring and brainless ceremony.

Hiring: Why diversity is an ill-defined goal for your organization

Don’t follow the crazy trend of making workplace diversity a hiring goal. Provide equal opportunities instead, and enjoy the results of a talent harvest both ethical and profitable.

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