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Hiring: Why diversity is an ill-defined goal for your organization

Don’t follow the crazy trend of making workplace diversity a hiring goal. Provide equal opportunities instead, and enjoy the results of a talent harvest both ethical and profitable.

Scrum Events Cheat Sheets Updated

Downloadable PDF cheat sheets you can use to facilitate the meetings of Scrum: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective.

Agile decisions are American-style decisions

European executives! It’s time to rethink what you consider to be a “decision” if you want to act agile.

Owl attacking prey
Predator organizations 2/2

What makes the network of your employees work as the brain of a hunting predator?

finding the right consultant the right time
Win big with consultants

External consultants sometimes save whole companies, but sometimes just waste precious time and money. Here’s how you can profit the most from using external consulting services.

Obsessed with planning: Why Agile hurts

Agile hurts just like physics: They both need you to value reality more than your own plans, preferences and self-image of cleverness.

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Jan holds master’s degrees in physics and computer science and a doctoral degree in astrophysics. He lives with his family in Zurich, Switzerland.


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