We are not paid to have fun. Artwork by my son, Lorant Farkas (9)

We are not paid to have fun

Executive summary: The key to motivating your knowledge workers is to provide them a context, the meaning for their efforts.   I remember a meeting I attended as an engineer quite a few years ago. We talked about a project that was stuck and due to some

Instead of talking about "work-life balance", we shall focus on bringing life back to the workplace.

Do not focus on “work-life balance”

Executive summary: Instead of "work-life balance", executives should focus on creating great places to work.     The expression "work-life balance" has always disturbed me. The subtle link it establishes between work and being dead is just demoralizing. It suggests to accept that work belongs to the dark


Is Scrum trivial?

Executive summary: "Many say that Scrum is simple and easy. But if you can't do it, it's not simple and easy." -- Jeff Sutherland   I've got quite a few nice quotes from Jeff Sutherland (here's an example), but this one is my personal favorite. It's the perfect illustration


Scrum Events Cheat Sheets

Executive Summary: Downloadable PDF cheat sheets you can use to facilitate the meetings of Scrum: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. Click here to download the latest version of the Scrum Events Cheat Sheets   At the link above you can download the cheat sheets I


The Bless of Talent Shortage

Executive summary: What is commonly perceived as a burning talent shortage in the tech sector, is in reality a severe underutilization of the existing talent. This provides a great opportunity for executives to increase market share by improving leadership within their organizations. However strange it might sound,


Home Office: Killing your teams softly

Executive summary: If you want to have great teams, stop allowing home office.   A recently widespread fashion of the modern workplace is the extensive use of home office. It is a practice that is incompatible with the cornerstone of Agile: Creating great teams.   The Home Office Delusion There's